Funny in Failure is an independent podcast hosted by Australian comedian and screenwriter, Michael KahanEach week we interview funny people from all walks of life (stand-ups, improvisers, actors, motivational speakers, authors, singers, YouTubers, directors, playwrights, CEOs, broadway composers, radio and tv presenters, hypnotists, footballers, and even a monk!) to discuss their careers, challenges and failures they have faced. You don’t need to be a comedy lover to enjoy, laugh or relate. The podcast aims to create deep and meaningful conversations interspersed with humour to shed light on taboo subjects to show that it is normal, while empowering and encouraging you to take the next leap forward in your life… but without that “self-help” vibe.

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What to expect

Meaningful and insightful conversations interspersed with humour. Expect to learn, laugh and occasionally cry. Ok that’s a bit cliché, but have a listen to the podcast and find out for yourself.

Our mission

I hope to use this platform to normalise and encourage the discussion of failure, particularly through the lens of the comedy industry, to show that it is merely a step on the road to success.

Why humour?

Well nothing is better than humour at normalising a situation. Having fun conversations with comedians is a fantastic way to engage with the audience and have a meaningful impact.

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