Episode 2: Neel Kolhatkar (not funny)

Neel Kolhatkar, is a Youtube star, comedian and actor and a bit of a comedy icon, especially amongst my age group.

I was happy to ‘score’ this podcast especially so early in this series.

I’m pretty sure this was the 4th or 5th podcast I recorded but I felt it would work better as episode 2. My original idea was to record 10 episodes and release them to gauge the interest and now I have recorded 75+ podcasts.

Hopefully the interest continues!

Despite the tag of the podcast, Neel is really funny and honest. He’s also very encouraging to people who are keen on starting on their comedy journey.

Amongst many things, Neel talks about finding your voice, in other words being true to yourself and the best version of you.

I think this is critically IMPORTANT and not even limited to just comedy, the ultimate philosophical question is “”Who am I? “What makes me,me?” I’m constantly trying to figure this out and figure out how I can be authentic when connecting with others.

This episode made me think, IF YOU’RE NOT BEING YOURSELF, WHO ARE YOU BEING?
What you think your friends want you to be?
Your parents?
Your partner?
While I believe we need to consider others, I also believe that our lives are short- make it count.

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Funny in Failure podcast- exploring the deeper side of comedy.

Michael Kahan

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