Episode 3: Jacqueline Mifsud (Bombing)

This week I had the privilege of speaking to Jacqueline Mifsud, she is hilarious, self-aware and great to chat to.

I look back at this podcast and was amazed by the energy and vitality. had a lot of fun doing this podcast and you can tell by the length of it.

We talk a lot about failure in comedy and the various forms it may take, when our jokes bomb. This is when the crowd doesn’t laugh and we dive deep into the feelings behind it.

I really like this quote of hers.

“I am very journey orientated, so I’m always about what we can discover and what we can do”.

She talks about how so many of us want the quick fix, and how we don’t always look at the bigger picture… being the journey.

I speak from experience where I personally want the desired outcome finalised as quickly as possible, so she certainly encouraged me to consider the small steps in life and to be mindful of them.

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Funny in Failure podcast- exploring the deeper side of comedy.


Michael Kahan

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