Episode 1: Adam Kangas (Introvert Improviser)

So, episode 1 with Adam Kangas. I remember feeling extremely nervous and unsure of myself which is not a common feeling I experience. I can still see me trying to find parking, sweating at how far the walk would be and seeing myself drenched in sweat, holding my subpar podcast equipment.

I made every mistake in the book; I didn’t bring headphones, I didn’t realise how sound works (I hadn’t soundproofed the room) all the little things you’ll only know if you’re a podcaster or work with sound.

How pretentious am I!?

Anyway, I got to meet Adam Kangas the founder of the Improv Conspiracy, who, is kind of a god there. He’s a genuine terrific guy who cares for his students, as you’ll hear or have heard and was incredibly open, raw and more importantly, willing to share.

It takes a special type of person to get up and be vulnerable to a stranger and to the public, so I’m really grateful for Adam coming onto the podcast. He provided some wonderful content that I know will be of help for people.

I was surprised to learn that Adam regards himself as an introvert. For someone to get up and perform weekly and run arguably, the best improv theatre in the country, takes a lot of bravery and I was inspired to hear how he manages it.

While we are on the topic of improv, his theatre is simply incredible. Their motto is one of collaboration and teamwork, which isn’t that common in this day and age. I’ve met some wonderful people through his theatre – this has given me the confidence to perform, and most importantly, taught me to be a team player and how to listen properly.


I still look back and although, I cringe at my mistakes, I’m still incredibly grateful not only for Adam’s time but for his patience, enthusiasm and kindness to the novice Michael Kahan.

What’s also very interesting is his genuine care for his employees and students. He doesn’t focus on his personal success; he talks about how he feels successful when his team does well. If you live in Melbourne, I highly recommend taking one of his classes. It’s really helped me with my emotions and awareness and general life lessons.


This episode made me realise; a lot of people are terrified to perform on stage.

Why is that?

Ask yourself the question.

What’s actually stopping you from doing it?

Whether its public speaking, dancing, comedy, speaking to a group of people etc.

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Funny in Failure podcast- exploring the deeper side of comedy


Michael Kahan

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