Episode 4: Michael Chamberlin (Comedy is a marathon)

Probably my most over quoted quote is from Michael Chamberlin “Comedy is a marathon”.

Michael is someone I found about through my favourite comedy skit series, “SkitHOUSE”.


Anyway, upon reflecting so far, I still cringe at my mediocre podcast setup and poorer audio quality, let alone my interviewing style, but I’m still proud of myself for doing it and really happy I could do it with Michael.

After podcast 10 onwards you’ll notice a huge different in the sound quality which I’m excited about.

Michael has the ability to see the positive in all aspects of his work and doesn’t allow himself to be bogged down by any negativity.  He also raises a good point about complacency and how it’s very easy to be trapped by it. He recommends that if you want to try something, just do it. He also talks about comedy is the industry that you really need to support yourself which is great advice not only for people in the comedy industry.

One piece of advice that struck me is his quote: comedy is not a short sprint it’s a MARATHON. To paraphrase, to be successful we need to be in it for the long haul and acknowledge the little steps along the way.

What a great motto- what’s stopping you from achieving your goals?


Michael Kahan

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